Some Noobie IE issues

Hi guys,

Im struggling getting Ie to play nicely with a site I’ve done…

In safari and firefox on the mac version 3+ it looks fine… but Im getting odd issues with the nav and the content will not clear the floats even though I’ve placed clear’s

can someone point me in the right direction on these errors?

any advice would be great on this…

thank you

This is what can be seen in I.E

and by the way, all pages are validated…



The nav problem is the double margin float bug (see faq on floats) and the fix is as follows:

.nav li {
[B]    display:inline;

See the faq for the reason why :slight_smile:

IE7 isn’t clearing because it doesn’t like the <br clear=“all” />.

use css and use a div.

    [B]<div style="clear:both"></div>
[/B]  </div>
  <!-- End of content area Div --

Use a class instead of the inline styles or use an unobtrusive clearing mechanism such as overflow:hidden on the parent or use the clearfix technique (details in the faq on floats):slight_smile:

Thanks very much these both worked great!