Need ideas from Experts on redesigning my website

Hi All,

I am redesigning this website to increase accessibility and improve the user flow. I am confused and clueless on how I can do this without hurting the design.

I need expert advice on UX and design from this community. Please help


Your site has a ton of stuff once a user figures out what the site is and why they would pick a category. But before they realize what the site is and pick something, the site doesn’t help them/force them into something. I read somewhere that no one actually clicks on sliders and after looking at them from a functional perspective, sliders suck.

Your main loading fold should easily explain what the site is and what to do next. Then assume if they scroll past the main fold, they don’t understand where they are or are not sure what topic to start with. At this point, your header does not offer much help. What I try to do is explain the site and the main options on the loading fold, then as a user scrolls down I offer them more options, things to convince them its a great site and finally a ‘freakin click here already’ button that just forces them into where I would like them to go next.

To be honest, if you are requesting assistance on this topic for a site of this size, I would recommend hiring someone so they can take the time to go through the site’s details and attempt doing it right. This would be the best way to handle not messing with your layout. If done right, the layout doesn’t have to change, things will move around. But if its not done properly, things will just keep moving around, and that will disturb end users.

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