I want to start a webhosting company


I want to start my own small web hosting company. It will be based in Canada and my plan is to have a shared hosting for client and it has a cPanel/WHM and also provide PHP websites.

Kindly guide me what things i need to establish my own web hosting company ??

also tell me what kind of license, registrations and affiliations i will need ?

Thank you


Generally, a reseller account will provide you with most things you need. Virtually all cPanel providers will have PHP running on the server.

What you may find useful is a billing system, like WHMCS or Clientexec (among many others). Some reseller hosting providers will give you one of these for free. Others will sell it for a smaller or lager sum. Generally, it will be quite a bit cheaper than buying it from the developer directly.

For licenses, registration etc. you should contact the local authorities (tax office). Most accountants or lawyers should also be able to guide you.

I will add that you will need a good domain name and register it with a comfortable registrar, then you will need a well designed website also.

Good luck
Welcome to the world of hosting.

To start with you can go with Cpanel reseller hosting, it will make your life easier to manage customers. You can also get a WHMCS to manage customer billing and auto account creation on your reseller account. One more thing I will wish to ask you are you looking for Hosting on Servers in China or US?

A good Linux Reseller will do you wonders as you start out. I emphasize Linux as the general consumer/prosumer will want Linux for cPanel and PHP of course.

Thank you all for you replies.

As ldcdc said

Can you guys tell me which reseller hosting can provides these for free or a bit cheaper. ?

Some names that come to mind, in no particular order: Hostgator, Innohosting, Hawkhost, Mddhosting, Ezpzhosting. I’m sure that many others do offer them, but this should get you started.

The larger the company, the cheaper they can afford to offer this type software, due to discounts they become entitled to.

Many of the big hosts, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc, provide reseller services. In most cases you can easily re-brand the hosting as your own and your client will be none-the-wiser.

One thing to also be aware of is how the server is managed. If a site goes down in the middle of the night - who fixes it? You don’t want to be in a position where you are one-person company responsible for 100% uptime.

If you get a reseller account, will your customers call you for support or the server provider? Trust me, if you ever want to take a vacation this is something to think about early on. :slight_smile:

When it comes to online business, the first and most important thing that we need to consider is, after sales service… Always try to keep your customers satisfied because a satisfied customer shared his experience with a very small number of people and angry customers shares his experience with countless people so think about the best support first.

Well, apart from above tips you should try to go with webhost who ensure you maximum uptime guarantee with uninterrupted hosting services and support. Go with webhost who will provide you with FREE End User support so that you can concentrate more on getting new customer and managing your hosting business rather then paying with support issues of your clients.

There are a few. You can search from the webhosting directory that come with visitors’ review and rating.

You need to do the homework :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a *nix box, I have done some business with Hawkhost and was very happy with them.

Hawk Host - Reseller Hosting

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