Need help playing a .RVMB file

Hello, I have googled many software programs to let me play .RVMB files, some have worked, partially.

However it only lets an audio feed through. I need it to play the video aspect of the file as well.

Can anyone point me to one?

I have searched so don’t just tell me to google :slight_smile:

You need the real player codec to play this format. Either you download Real Player (which I hate) or you get the codec and use another player. I like KMPlayer for all my medias and I believe it comes with the real codec by default.

I downloaded KMPlayer and tried to run one of the RVMB files I hav ethrough it.

It siad I needed to update my codecs, which they had a button for it (“Update Codecs”) but when I clicked it it siad Failed to Update

I hate software :(.

Check this out:

I’ll look into that thanks :slight_smile:

Worked beautifully :). Thanks.

As others have said -

Real Player is a pretty awful bit of software but should guarantee playing anything in the RMVB container (which in general is RealVideo encoded video and AAC, Vorbis or RealAudio encoded audio).

Another way would be to use the Real Alternative codec which should enable you to play it in other media players such as Windows Media Player. But this is an unofficial codec so playback may not be guaranteed.

OK - a little late there - pleased it worked :slight_smile:

Try VLC Player as it almost able to play any kind of video/audio file you can get it form

Except for .rm and .rmvb from what I can tell. :frowning:

Yeah - Real Alternative is a reverse engineered codec for RealVideo/RealAudio - so is infringing on Real’s intellectual property in a lot of places.

The open source media players such as VLC or KMPLayer tend not to support it out-of-the-box as the licensing situation does not fit with their open source licenses.