A player to stream real audio (.ra) files in the website

I am currently streaming .mp3 files on my website using preminumbeat
" THIN flash mp3 player ".But .mp3 files are taking a bit of time to load.
most of the visitors to my site are from india where internet connections are slow.
I saw that .ra files occupy lesser space than .mp3 files.
So i want a web player which can stream .ra files.
and i want them to embed in a webpage in between content.
Can somebody tell me how to accomplish this.

How about this: How to Embed RealPlayer 11.0 | eHow.com

But real player must be installed on the users machine to view the file.
i dont want anything except flash player installed on the visitor’s machine.
so can you please suggest something else.

I may be off base on this, but AFAIK, there’s no way to get Flash to display a Real Player file. If the user doesn’t have Real Player installed (or a generic clone of it), he can’t view a Real Player file.

ok.thanks for your suggestions