Difficulty Opening MP4 File

SitePoint Members,
I’m having difficulty opening an MP4 file. Is there software designed to open troublesome MP4 files?



I couldn’t really tell you for sure, but I know that when I have trouble opening video files, I usually do one of two things, or both:

  1. I download and install the K-Lite mega codec pack (or some other codec bundle to make sure I have as many as possible to work with).

  2. use eRightSoft Super to convert the file to another format and then view it. Be warned though: Just in case you want to download it yourself and you have any trouble finding it on their website, look for a link with the text “Download SUPER © setup file”. I swear I’ve wasted tons of time in the past just trying to find the actual download link and ended up going from page to page to page clicking on ads and other stuff. The correct link will trigger a download of a file called “SUPERSetup.exe” without directing you away from their site.

Hey Chris!

How did it work out? Got through?

I know there’s also a really good (though paid) software called Magic Video Converter that can change anything into anything, so you can open it up to edit.

And, of course, for playback, VLC Player seems to open anything too. And that’s a freebie.

Seconded. Because of this video player, you really don’t need to mess with installing codec packs anymore.

I ended up using FLV. Not sure where I got it from. It even opens WEBM (sp?) files. Used some tools from bleepingcomputer.com to remove adware it installed on my site (ADSSpy, AdwCleaner, Roguekiller)

Opening MP4 File just Download the free VLC player. Just google “VLC Player” and you will get there. I use it and it opens almost any file type. Good Luck!

My local cumputer shop recommended them. I downloaded it and it came with a ton of additional programs that made a mess of my computer. Fortunately I knew about bleeping beforehand and had their Rkill program on my computer and their Malware Bytes program, but I still needed help from their AdsSpy program, AdwCleaner program, and RogueKill program - all free fortunately. I don’t ask that shop for help anymore.

It sounds like you visited a 3rd-party site serving malware, or a fake site masquerading as the VLC site. VLC is a legitimate free, open-source application without any extra bundled software/adware/malware.

[FONT=Georgia]Hi Chris.

This is the proper link; http://www.videolan.org/.[/FONT]