Need help in .load not working

Hi, I need some help .load function in jquery, I tried to open my page in I.E 8 when i click the button the .load function has no effect…but i tried this in firefox and chrome it is working.
can you help me please how can i fix this in I.E 8.

Thank you in advance.

It should work in IE, though… the problems with .load are mainly with Chrome.

You’re working locally or on a server?

I’m stuck with the same problem actually at the moment.
It works in all browsers, except Chrome.
It’s a known issue, they’re not willing to fix it at Google’s.

I’m going to try it on a server tonight to see if it works, don’t have time now.

I’m sorry I didn’t reply anymore.
Have been really ill lately, spent most of the time in my bed last week.

If you put it online on a server, it works aswel in Chrome.
Don’t know why it wouldn’t work in IE

Hi, Thank you for the reply…and for giving some feedback in i.e…

And? Did it work already?

I just rebuilt my website up and running with jQuery .load … instead of my php includes.
Now I don’t need to buy php webhosting anymore. :slight_smile:

I only lost some interactivity I had with php.