Problem in using JQuery load functions in IE (works fine on chrome, firefox etc..)

This script working great on FireFox and Chrome
but on IE it loads the pages without sending the parameters

	$(document).ready(function() {
			$(document).ready(function() {
		$("#SearchResult").load("ajax_Search.php", { fname: "", lname:"" });
		  $("#changeForm").click(function () {
			$("#SearchForms").load("ajax_searchForms.php", { form: "advanced" });
			return true;
		$("#sort_dropdown").live("click", function(event){						
			$("#sort_dropdown").change(function () {
				var values = $("#sort_dropdown").val();
				$("#SearchResult").load("ajax_Search.php", {  fname: "", lname:"", sort: values });

I found the solution and I don’t understand why it solved the problem…
anyway when i’m printing on the AjaxSearch.php newline “<br />”
on the beggining on the file it’s working …

The immediate problem that you have there is that you are double-nesting the document ready parts.

it happaned only when I copied the code here… im not double nesting in in the my code