jQuery aJax.load ie issue

I’m reading jQuery Novice to Ninja

and I want to use the JQuery aJax Load function to load a php file to check a MySQL database the result is true or false

I have been playing with the Image Gallery Script

var GALLERY = {
  url: 'getStatus.php?ID=test',
  load: function() {
    var _gallery = this;
      url: this.url,
      success: function(data){
		$('#gallery').text("ID FALSE");
	} else {
		$('#gallery').text("ID TRUE");
      error: function(){


But it wont work in IE,
FF is fine

I desperatly need to perform the task above
any fixes / alternative advise

please help me!!!

You say it doesnt work in IE.

That’s not alot of information to even try to help you. Try giving us the version of IE you are referring too and tell us what happens in IE when you run the script.

Does it throw a js error? (look in lower left corner)
What is the js error?
Are you using IE8? Use the Web Developer tools in IE8 to assist you.