Need Help Finding Laptop for Coding

I am a java developer and looking for a good configuration laptop for programming. So after searching, I found a few suggestions, but would like to know what other developers use.

Can you please help me finding the right one.

Hi monicatyelle, welcome to the forums!

Your question is very hard to answer. Maybe if you had very few to chose from. But the suggestions you link to are very broad.

But of course you have your own set of features to be fulfilled that narrows the selection down. I suppose you’ve already done some research on what features you need and thought through under what circumstances you’re going to use the laptop.

After a brief look, what strikes me about those suggestions is that they seems to focus on everything but the screen size and little on the usability of the keyboard.

I think the bigger screen the better, overview is easier, more lines of code in a comfortable font size, space for tool panels,
You might prefer to have the editor split the code in two panels and still have screen estate left for other things you need to monitor.

Next, if not first, comes the keyboard. Consider the type of key and size of the keyboard and if you need a number pad. Compare keyboard layouts regarding non alfa keys, some special keys are rarely changeable in keyboard setup.

The keyboard will probably be worn out sooner than you imagine, so if the machine suits you well and will last you might get a spare while the machine is available, if it’s not a mainstream.

Please give more details of what you need if you want any specific advise. :slight_smile:

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