Best laptop for programming

which laptop is good for programing

Some of my friends using HP, they are very good developers.

Any laptop will do in as much his RAM is upto 4gb and hdd is upto 400gb

I would throw my laptop out the window if it only had 4 GB. I want at least 16, ideally 32.


I would hope to catch it before it breaks into little pieces and install Linux :slight_smile:

My desktop only has 8 Gb and seldom uses more than 4Gb.


It kind of depends on what and how much programming you want to do with it no?

I imagine that with a localhost server, database, IDE, graphics apps, development and backup files etc. 4GB would easily get cramped for space. Though I guess USB drives could help a lot.

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Yes with everything I have running I’m usually using about 11GB of RAM. That is running Linux by the way :slight_smile:

USB sticks to expand memory is fine in theory, but in practice I’m not sure if it’s fast enough compared to RAM.

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And of course, you could always :joy: