Sales Page Not Converting - Need Help

Hey guys, trying to figure this out. This is not a get rich quick idea, i just made a product and i’m trying to see if I can make a little cash on the side as my wife is soon going to turn into a stay at home mother.

sales page:

(middle school math lesson plans and activities eBook)

I put the page up a week and a half ago and start testing the water on adwords paying for 10-25 clicks a day. The ads were very targeted, and stated that these were plans for grades 4-9, they were math, real-life activities, lessons, etc.

After the third day, i didn’t sell anything so i added the moneyback guarantee at the top, another couple days and i didn’t sell anything. I started thinking the issue was the $19.99 price. So I made 3 campaigns to test 12.99, 14.99, and 17.99. The ads are identical and make mention of the price, so there would be no surprises after they clicked. Each linked to a sub page that actually sold the product for that price.

Real-Life Math Grades 4-9
12 Activities with Printable Work-
sheets & Teacher Guide $14.99 eBook

About 30-40 clicks a day for the last three days and still not 1 sale.

A couple things to note - my bounce rate is really high and i can’t figure it out. If i can trust google analytics, it looks like most buyers are not even staying on the page to look it over - avg. time is < 2 sec.

It’s not price, as the 17.99 price got clicked more than the other 2. It’s not interest in the subject, 30-40 clicks a day on a $13/day budget, and the ad states exactly what the product is. The only thing left to consider is my sales page, but i thought it was well designed… or at least good.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I would really appreciate it. I’m not sure why someone would click on ad telling exactly what the product is and the price, and then not even read the website - if they are closing it in < 2 sec.

Any help is so very greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Sorry for the long post guys, and thanks for your help! It is greatly appreciated.

Not enough graphics. If an adult can’t stick around long enough to read your site, then they figure their children won’t either!

Your headline needs to grab attention. As it stands, it offers me no benefit. What will this program do for my child. Will it raise his grades? And by how much? Any testimonials? What about pictures? What about a pic of you, or of you teaching, or just pics of teachers and happy students. What about a video of you talking about your lessons. Education colors are usually bright yellows, greens, blues, reds, primary colors. Your site is all blue which is boring and corporate.

Just need to read more about selling online. Read some of dan kennedy’s stuff and check out eben pagan.

I could add more, but that is a start.

Yeah… by no means am I trying to put you down, but I always thought those type of sites that look like yours were scams. I guess they really are real people trying to sell items…

Make me want to buy it from you, make me feel safe.

I agree with the above poster, include information about yourself. and also, a demo would be good. I was trying to see what the hell you were selling, but the pictures on the bottom are not legible and I still don’t have a clear understanding of what your product contains. People don’t read much these days. I didn’t really bother, I left. This probably explains the < 2 seconds.

I wish you good luck.

It might be worth looking at the design of the site and seeing if you can encourage people to stay a bit longer.

For example you mention the money back guarantee but it took me a while before I realised I could click on the icon to get more information. The overall feel is does remind me of many ‘this is the best deal ever’ type offers and sites.

Customers might feel more confident if there is a clear menu with pages about the company, about the money back offer, a privacy policy, maybe a FAQ section.

Also have you considered offering a few pages as a sample download? That would give people a chance to see what they are getting.

  1. Your call to action needs work - I couldn’t even figure out how to order from your homepage at first
  2. Your headline needs to be redone. What is the benefit to the buyer of buying your system? People don’t care about you (nothing personal) and they’re somewhat pre-qualified by the fact that they clicked on your ad so they know what they want.
  3. You’ve got a dozen lessons or so? So give two away (not these sample pages from the product info page, the whole lessons).
  4. Hit them up with an exit pop-up (if Google allows this, long time since I did any ppc)
  5. You don’t have enough traffic to be constantly messing around with split testing. You state that you’ve been driving traffic to this offer for approx 10 days at 25 or so clicks a day (so 250 visitors total) and you’ve made quite a few changes already.
  6. More sales page, not less IMHO.

It looks too much like sales page IMHO.

My suggestions:

  1. Convert the page into a 3-4 page site, properly structured, eg Home page, product page, About page, Contact page

  2. Look at revising your text copy, if possible hire a professional copywriter. “Lead with the need”!

personally I hate to see video at the top as it gives me the impression that I have to see the video (take long time) to know more about your website. I would prefer to have a good nice header that attract people and some nice Title. And we should have some Call to Actions. A good example is this site which help to <snip>

Whoa, kinda thought this thread was dead. Http:// is no longer my sales site. It is now a content site that I will press releasing to math people that want to learn how to create engaging lessons which might trickle into the sales page.

The sales page is

This is the page that my ads are linking to. I am getting much better results, and just letting it stay the same to see how things turn out over a week or two.

I am with the above poster…
As a consumer, I am looking for direct easy to read sites. This one, is a turn off for me. I feel like its a lesson just for me to order it…

Its need a lot more bling, and a lot less reading.

Add some color… Maybe even a video with you being excited about helping kids with math.

If I am excited about the product, then I would feel so are my children