Need Help about CSS3 images slideshow

Any can help me to create CSS3 image slider…

If I’ve understood your question correctly, and you’re looking for a pure CSS slider, then this topic might be of help:

If that’s not what you’re looking for, then you’ll need to describe your requirements in a little more detail.

Thanks for reply bro!
Actually i want a Slider with Overlay text, just like above.
Have u any idea to make this slide with overlay.

I have a basic slider here that uses jquery/css3 that you can feel free to use. It has no frills (because that’s what I wanted) so if you want something with more options then try one of the standard sliders.

There are millions of others around.

If you want pure css3 versions then there are a number of those around also. Some you have to pay for and many free.

Of course you will need to get your hands dirty and customise them to your design.

thanks for Advise!

Have u tutorial step by step about Image Slider with jquery…?

You will need to tell us what you are having trouble with and what you have tried so far?

There are many tutorials available on the web and i’m sure you can google them yourself. If you are having trouble implementing something then show us what you have tried and we will try to help. :smile:

Ok friend !

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