Image slider

Is it easy to do an image slider (rotator) with css/html?

Any pointers, please?

I’d throw Javascript in the mix to make it easier -

That’s the default go-to one by most people (IMO).

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Thank you Ryan

I’ll get busy on it right away

I can’t see $$$ anywhere. I take it that it’s free. Right?

Correct :slight_smile: .


I knew it would not take me long to get stuck!

I uploaded the files and want to try it in on a test page. The instructions


Add slick.js before your closing <body> tag, after jQuery (requires jQuery 1.7 +)

but I cannot see this slick.js anywhere (i did a page search and the only mention is the above. Also, I don’t know what this JQuery 1.7 + is all about…

New adventure!


OK, I found the slick.js: it’s one of the uploaded files.

But waht about JQuey 1.7 +? Do I need to download that from somewhere?

Thanks you

Depending on what browsers you want to support, get jQuery here. Note that jQuery 2+ doesn’t support IE8 which you seem to want to do for whatever reason :slight_smile: .

You have a long memory… IE8: YES, but not for long. Believe it or not I forgot about Safari for Windows!..

You say above

[quote=“RyanReese, post:6, topic:207843”]
get jQuery here.

But where is “Here”? Sitepoint? Free?

Sorry I did not read the first line

Thanks[quote=“qim, post:7, topic:207843”]
But where is “Here”? Sitepoint? Free?
At the link I provided. Are you having difficulty using their website? Yes jQuery is free.

Just need new glasses: that’s all!


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Hi Ryan

Sorry but I’m stuck again, on the simplest part.

The html includes

 <div class="your-class">
your content
your content
your content

What is “your content”? Images?

And I cannot see anything about the div in either css. I suppose it is up to me to do the css but I am not certain how to go about this as it is something very new to me…

The page is here


I realized that the scripts and the stylesheets were not pointing in the right direction… But I still don’t understand what needs to be done with the divs,

I wrapped images in the divs and called the div “single-item” which is apparently styled in the main script, but nothinh has happened.

I’m stuck!


I got it to work.

Many thanks


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