Slideshow effect

animation effect in website
this effect.

I’ve marked it with red pen

Do you already have a slideshow to which you want to add this effect?

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No :grin:

In that case, you do seem to be putting the cart before the horse, rather. You need to have a slideshow to attach that effect to.

Please can you guide me …

It’s not something I use on any of my sites, so I can’t recommend one. Perhaps somebody else can.

You could also just search for JavaScript Slideshow. There are a lot of them about, many free to use. Just look around until you find one you like.

This post has some suggestions which might help: Need Help about CSS3 images slideshow - #4 by PaulOB

I’ve created a slideshow from this website :

now how to do it? :slight_smile:

I don’t understand how you intend the animation to fit with that slideshow.

On the Apple site, only one image is displayed at a time and the animation gradually “fills up” to indicate both which slide is showing, and how long it will be until it changes.

The slideshow you are using is a constantly-moving stream of images.

How do you see the animation applying to your slideshow?

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