Need guidance for ROR Installaion (WAMP)

Hello !

I have a domestic server that has Windows 7 and AMP. (Apache, MySQL, PHP) already installed and working. Now, I want to learn and do some work in ROR. But I also want to keep the existing WAMP thing working.

I googled and tried some tutorials to install ROR on WAMP, but it shows me some errors. Like:

Ruby interpreter (CUI) [i386-mswin32] has stopped working

It seems that this is an issue with mySQL.

My Question: is there any way to install ROR with some different database ? Because I do not want to downgrade my version of MySQL.

Please guide.

Any one ?

Rails can run with SQLite3.

Check out the site.

When I was first introduced to Ruby on Rails I was using Windows and had it working. That was a few years ago and I no longer recall the details.

You could always add a Linux Virtual Machine (VMWare) to your Windows client machine just for experimentation and learning.

Thanks !

So apart from VMWear, there is no way I can have both installed and working ?

You can. You should probably look into running Ruby on Rails via IIS 7+ via FastCGI. That is the proper, supported way of doing it in windows. Just run your WAMP ( OR IIS ) on a different port.

Rails Installer will do it all for you, there’s no need to even touch your WAMP install, it comes with SQLite3 as ParkinT mentioned…

I used these only a few days ago, worked like a dream :slight_smile:

YMMV but I found that set up painfully slow. Every bundle exec command would take up to 60 seconds making simple testing a chore. I just got turnkey rails going on windows on a VM and, although harder to initially set up, it already appears to run much faster.