Having problems installing ruby and rails

Hi I’m trying to install ruby and rails but I ran into a problem so I’m just back to step one. I use windows and I have wamp but I don’t have a problem using a different database along with a new server. Anyways, instead of installing everything separate I noticed this download package at railsinstaller.org and if I install that do I need to configure anything after? I would still need a web server though correct? Thanks for your help.

I installed ruby, then typed the command gem install rails. Then when I type gem install mysql2 or gem install mysql I get an error that says “please update your path to include build tools or download devkit.” I noticed with the railsinstaller you get devkit but I can’t find any good guide to install that railsinstaller package. I’m watching these training videos for ruby on rails and he doesn’t install devkit, I wonder if it has to do with an older version or something. But if anyone has any documentation on setting up that railsinstaller package or better yet for me could talk me through it, I’d really appreciate it thanks.

Hi jlisec01, welcome to the forums.

I have Windows 7 and I managed to install Ruby using http://rubyinstaller.org/

It was a while ago and I don’t remember how hard it was to get it working. I installed to C: and I think I had to add the path to my system path.