I have something to ask before i insall ruby

Hi, I want to learn on rub & rails,but i have something to ask ,If i will install ruby on my machine which has already installed wampserver or xampp,can i still run my wampserver and can still use the php,?..my point is to run ruby & rails and php in my machine…is this possible ?

Thank you in advance.

You may be interested in this:

The short answer is yes you can.

Assuming you’re on Windows, you’ll want to check out the link supplied by arout77 and rubyinstaller.org.

Just to clarify, that Bitnami stack includes a server, Rails and PHP all in one package; so there’s no need to switch between WAMP and the Bitnami stack…you just fire up the server and get to work, whether it be Ruby or PHP you are working on.

Do i need to uninstall my wampserver before i install the bitnami ?

Thank you in advance.

You don’t have to, but may as well. just make sure that wamp isn’t starting apache or any other service you need like mysql at boot

If you already have xampp installed and configured then there is no real need to uninstall it.
It is quite possible to install Ruby using the one click installer, then gem install rails, followed by gem install mysql2 and you’re done.

After that you should be able to do: rails new my_app -d mysql and have it use the already installed version of MySQL