Need Google Adsense Related Help Urgent

Google adsense denied my upgrade request to show ads on my hosted site and the reasons in their mail are unable to understand. Because i am not able to get the reasons on my site they are telling. This is the 3rd time denied by adsense. Here i am asking that please any adsense expert see my site link located on screenshot and then read the email from adsense and see is there really any issue on my site that adsense mentioned in email?

The obvious problem I see with your site is the language setting.

<html lang="en-US"

This tell crawlers that the site is in English. But the content I see is not in English. So the crawlers will see the content as “jibberish” and of no value at all.
Use the appropriate language tags.

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The problem in your website is the language as @SamA74 said. As i look at your website and found that you are writing the HINDI in English. The Crawler is not able to understand this. Now you have two options:-

  1. Write in Pure English


  1. Write in Pure Hindi

You can’t write the Hindi in English. I mean the paragraph at your website written in English but speaking in Hindi. The reason why Google rejected your website is Google don’t understand this language, However the Indian users can understand this easily.


thank you . but there are alot of websites same like my and i know the owners personally and they approved and using adsense on their websites. check plz.

and many more.

If you’re sure that’s not the problem, then you’ll need to look more carefully at the links in the message in your screenshot. You are better placed than anyone here to determine which of Google’s guidelines your site fails to meet.


well ok :frowning:

It’s true that those other websites do write in a mix of Hindi and English and use the language attribute: lang="en-US". But because others do it, that does not make it correct.
The lang attribute must match the language that the page is written in or it will cause confusion.

I do not know a lot about the languages and how they are used in India. When I saw the text, I thought it looked as if some English words were mixed into it. But when I paste a sample into Google Translate, it detected it as Hindi.
I did not know it was normal to mix the two languages like this or if it is regarded as an “official” language. It is good to use a language which your visitors are most likely to understand. But I think that @enpriya is probably right to say you should write purely in one language or the other. And very importantly, use the correct lang attribute according to the chosen language. That way the crawlers will be able to read your text knowing which language it is, and it should make sense.
Declaring the text is English, then writing in another language will look like a lot of errors and nonsense, and be regarded as poor quality content.

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From the AdSense policy page:

According to that page, you need to choose the language from your account. My guess would be that Google doesn’t recognise your page as matching whichever language you’ve declared. However, as I said before, you are really the only one who can judge whether or not you have failed to meet any other guidelines.

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where to cange language? as i am trying to upgrade hosted to non hosted?

You can select your site’s primary language during the application process. If you’re approved, AdSense will serve relevant ads to your pages in the appropriate language, even if your site contains multiple supported languages.

Please also be aware that placing the AdSense code on pages with content primarily in an unsupported language is not permitted by the AdSense programme policies.


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