Got rejected by adsense twice, 3rd try is still in process

I’ve tried getting adsense for my site, twice rejected, I 'm trying again.

The first 2 tries, their reason was


  • Under construction

Further detail:

Under construction: We’ve found that your site’s pages are incomplete
or under construction. We require websites to be launched and navigable
before being considered for AdSense. Your site must also contain enough
content for our specialists to review, and to display relevant ads.
Once the majority of your site is complete and functional, we’ll be
happy to reconsider your application.

It works fine and my friends can actually access the site <snip/>

It’s been over a week since the I applied again. Still awaiting for the result of my third try.

Any suggestion of a good alternative?

Kind help please! Thanks!

suggestion: make sure you have no incomplete pages. Wait a month or so to be sure you have a nice looking site, then reapply. As for an alternative to adsense, there are several but none pays as well as adsense, so they’re not really alternative, just something you take when you can’t use adsense on the site.

It is too common with Google Adsense applications getting rejected. You must have good looking site with Content.

Most of the sites get rejected because of insufficient content on the websites or blogs.

I’ve found the incomplete page. Is it possible to withdraw the application? I’ll wait and manage my content for a while…