Need advice on Aliexpress affiliate program!

I have WP web store and I’m Aliexpress affiliate. Regarding this affiliate program, I’m happy with it. I get commissions and have no doubt that I Aliexpress will provide me with stable income. The thing is, I need an effective solution for WP. I know that there are some plugins with scheduled import and auto-translation. Do you work with some of them? What should I choose?

I recommend you to use Aliplugin.
I have successful experience of working with it. It uploads hundreds of products with a click of a button and then auto-update them. Besides there are free built-in themes.

I’m also Aliexpress’ affiliate and I can definitely say that Aliexpress has the highest commission. I’m so sure,as I take part in different affiliate programs, such as Amazon, and I can compare them. AndrewLomk, how do you drive traffic on your web site?

As for AliPlugin, I’m completely satisfied with it. Thanks for recommendation. Developers recently updated plugin that made it even better. They added currency converter, different sorting options, Search by ID and other stuff. Talking about traffic, Aliplugin itself generates organic traffic very quickly. When you import products on your website, Google starts indexing new webpages. As a result you have a lot of new web pages and traffic increases automatically. Also I recommend using affiliate banners and social networks for promotion.

Tell me something guys
I am also in aliexpress affiliate program but I have encountered a problem.
links from mobile web are directed to the aliexpress application instead of the aliexpress web site and there for i lose my commision
do you have any advice for me?
thank you

Hi. There is no solution for this now but I think developers will do something with it. According to my own experience, I don’t think it’s a real problem. AliExpress app is not so popular to prevent affiliates from earning with their webstores. Create well designed webstore with quality products and your business will be successful. As for me, I managed to do it with the help of AliPlugin.

AliExpress has sold this problem. No you can earn commission throut APP.

Thanks all - it seems the questions have been answered.

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