What's the best shopping cart solution that manages affiliates for Wordpress?

We’re building a 20 page website that will promote and sell a fashion line. We’re going to start off with 15 different products.

Which shopping cart solution would you suggest to install and use with a Wordpress site? We also need it to be able to manage affiliates.

Does 1shoppingcart work well? I know a lot of Internet marketers use it for their shopping cart because it does a great job of managing affiliates. I’m just not sure how well it works with Wordpress, or even if it does.

If it does work well with Wordpress, is it easy to implement, or do I need a programmer to do it?

We’d also like to have the ability to add discount codes to it. Is that possible and easy to do?

If 1shoppingcart won’t work well, then which solution do you suggest, as is that solution easy to install or does it need the services of a programmer?


I am not sure if there is any shopping cart which integrates completely into wordpress. What I do know is you have 3 options. You can get a plugin for wordpress as seen Here. or you can get a hosted shopping cart such as volusion which does into affiliate marketing as well. The major issue with this is that all you could do, as far I know, is make a link from your wordpress site to the volusion site. Do you have a custom wordpress theme, If so you can integrate the theme in volusion by working with the headers and footers. The other option is to get a non-hosted shopping cart (meaning you will have to host it yourself). The only one I know that includes an affiliate program that is free, and is not hosted is Opencart which just came out with their new version which includes affiliate marketing. Basically your options are

Get a Plugin
Get a hosted shopping cart and just provide a link to it.
Get a non-hosted shopping cart and either provide a link to it or try to integrate in some way.

Hope this helps

There is an affiliate module for the WP e-Commerce plugin which you could use.