Affiliate Software Recommendations

Hi all , looking for a little advice , am tasked with finding a suitable affiliate software to use, and am wondering if anyone has any advice regarding the easiest to set up and the easiest for affiliates to use ?

Preferably integratable with wordpress ?

thanks in advance


I am also interested to know.

try affplanet dot com … it is free hosting of affiliate program
it runs on Post Affiliate Pro … you can order also standalone version of this soft if you will like it.

there is a plugin for wordpress I think but what;s your budget?

Maybe the best would be, if you will describe your affiliate program plans and I can try to recommend you the best system for you.
Try to explain the commission structure, banner types you plan to use, any special tracking you need or what ever you need to achieve.

Here’s a handful of affiliate software reviews

Personally out of them I would choose either iDevAffiliate or PostAffiliatePro.

I believe these are reasonably priced and know they are used a lot as software for many other affiliate programs.

Not sure if they have wordpress functionality though.

Good luck with your affiliate program.

Post Affiliate Pro integrates with wordpress - there is free plugin for wordpress is a good one.

I sell my products via Plimus They have an affiliate program built in. I build sites either as HTML or through Wordpress and simply build the buy now page with Plimus. The design is exactly the same but it’s hosted on their secure servers. Unless you looked at the browser address bar you wouldn’t know you’d switched sites.