Need a No Thrills Webcam Script

Basically been doing webcasting and want to plugin a simple usb webcam script for 1 to many viewing.
Something that does:
1 to many peer 2 peer.
Can record it’s video input.
Basically a striped down version of all the current examples, video whisper, ustream, live stream.
Possible something that can handle h264 for mobile devices as well via html5.

I just want to plug in the video chat window into my webcasting interface. So no need for chats, and host of other crap the comes with some of the other scripts. Just something I can turn on my cam and have end users view webpage of the video.

I don’t think that’s going to be that easy. Video streaming is not a simple task, and you’ll probably need some kind of streaming server to do that. That goes for one-to-many. For peer-to-peer (one-to-one), I know there are some scripts that work without server, but I have no idea how that works, though I’m pretty sure it works only as a one-to-one video conversation.