Finding the most basic webcam script

I’ve searched a bit on google but keep coming up with things that are too complex. I’m looking for someone very simple. Either 1 screen on top of the other connecting 2 people or just 1 screen where I can send a variable and it will connect their cam and I can place someone else’s cam below in another box where I want it.

I’m looking for simplicity as I plan to use PHP to do a lot of the work just need a simple cam or vid chat script. The simpler the better.

What’s wrong with using something like skype :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s an easy way to do what you want otherwise. As far as I know you can’t connect to anyone’s camera unless they have the same software installed and even then you cant just connect - they have to accept your call first.

Why not just just skype or one of the other IM software.

If you are building some sort of application then you will probably have to pay for a professional product.

I would move this thread to a more appropriate forum but I’m not sure where. Maybe computer hardware and software would be a better forum.

Seems this can be done in Flash so I’ll move the thread to the flash forum.

There’s 2 different ways you can achieve this, peer to peer or via a rtmp server.
Peer to peer needs the cirrus handshaking service
Otherwise, you’ll need an rtmp capable server application to distribute the streams - flash media server, wowza or red5