How to Run Online VIdeo Streaming scrript

I have a stream script which has many functions user come give channel name that create
FMS URL Field :rtmp://
Stream Field : channelname
url :
like this

for user where he can watch his video which is streaming
but don’t know exactly which things or software need for running stream on my server that people can give
but i don’t know how to connect them with server ?
how to create rmtp domain ?
or which thing i install for running that script proper
wating for good repliess

rtmp = flash media/streaming server / red5 / wowza /haxevideo

thanks but after installing red5 did i need further setting for broadcasting channels on my server ?
mean how it will done ? is that script automatic connect to rtmp server ?

You need a flash application or external encoder like FMLE to broadcast live video to rtmp server.

You need to setup a rtmp web player (ie JWPlayer) to playback live video on a web page.

Thanks for explaining this. I have been reading up on this a lot today. I had a webcam crash, it somehow lost the ability to upload via ftp. I can see the video using the camera controls / locally on the network but when it uploads a file, its a 0 byte jpg. I am thinking to try and stream off my desktop and then encode it using FMLE. using the RTMP server is a new part to me, so I am going to keep looking into this more. I am checking out the JWPlayer and it looks good as well.

I’m actually in the same boat as the OP, but I’m doing it with .NET. Of course I will go with SilverLight, but I’m not sure on supporting solutions. PHP defiantly has the clear advantage when building a video sharing website.

i have made the same script with multiple features in php if anyone need tell me Thanks