Need a FormMaker program

Greetings all!

My wife does a lot of research projects and needs some forms. She needs both a hard copy to make entries in the field and then an on-screen version that she can fill in on the computer while arranging things by importance, dates, etc. then printing them out for delivery to the client.

I have been looking around and haven’t found anything yet. Most of them are meant for entering data into SQL databases, not needed or wanted. The couple I tried were old and not maintained and didn’t work at all!

Any suggestions for systems, programs, books, tutorials, templates, etc., etc. would be appreciated.

I can handle the hard copy with Page Maker or Open Office but translating that to a computer program that displays the form and accepts input and prints it out is where I am at a loss!

Many TIA!

I believe you can make PDFs editable, and they can be printed, so perhaps that’s an option worth exploring.

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