Database-driven PDF forms

Hey everyone,

I’m redoing some features of my site, The site right now has section where users can generate a number of forms automatically based on some info they fill in earlier. (Name, Address, Loan #, etc.). Right now, it is all HTML based, but I"m trying to get everything into a more standardized PDF form that I can then aggregate and package together.

What I need to figure out how to do: Have 15-20 PDF forms that users can select from. When opening the form, it has editable fields, that are pre-populated with information entered in earlier in the process. They should be able to chagne or adjust any of the fields, and then save the form. They should be able to come back and re-edit the form again in the future.

I just started playing around with Adobe Livecycle a little bit. I think this is the best direction for me to go in…

I’m trying to find the most efficient way of doing this, I have some developers I’m working with but if there is a tool or an easier way to do this I want to send them down the right path!

Thanks in advance!