Which web form program do you recommend?

I’m looking for programs/tools who can help me build forms faster and more complex without having to hand code everything. The program/tool must also have form validation capabilities.

I know of one such program and that is Simfatic Forms. But I’d like to know from you which program/tool you recommend so I can compare.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Candeeh, I don’t do much Dreamweaver, but the form tool is pretty standard to all its iterations.

Krzonca, who in the world would use Flash to style a form?

The form creation tool in Dreamweaver: Is this also in Dreamweaver 8?


Notpad is where its at always has been! If you can throw some flash in more power too ya.:lol:

Dreamweaver itself has it own dynamic form creation and it do complex coding behind by itself. i think its under tool and create forms.