NBA Finals 2010 (Celtics v.s. Lakers)

Celtics lead the series, 3-2. 1 more win for their 18th title. But the Lakers are hoped to come back and make it 3-3 for possible game 7. What team do you want to win the championship?

I actually do not like either team. I was rooting for the Suns. :frowning:

Man, Game 6, talk about Boston getting dominated. Game 7 should be very entertaining. I’m predicting another blowout by the Lakers.

I want whichever team that’s victory will fix the worlds problems to win. Oh wait… :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of my students want the Celtics to win. I hate the Lakers in general and Kobe in specific. Therefore…go Celtics!

Off Topic:

Those yahoos in Boston need to learn to pronounce their team’s name. It’s a hard C, like “keltics,” not “seltics”.

I love Lakers!! go for Lakers guys. =)