Brazil vs. Ivory Coast!


I think it will be a Remis, a draw.

I’m rooting for the Ivory Coast! :weee:

Brazil 2 - 0 I.C.

The ref smiling with Fabiano after the goal was ridiculous.

“Are you sure you hit that with your chest and not your arm?”
“No, of course not! Definitely with my chest”
“Ah okay then, just making sure!”

In a way I don’t feel bad for Kaka, perhaps something to do with Rivaldo doing the same thing as the Ivory Coast chap several years ago.

Ah well, Brazil deserved to win and they showed some of their skills off beautifully at some points in the game.

Yes! I thought, good that the keeper didn’t get ahold of it as he’d be without hands now, so powerful was the shot. Amazing goal. :tup:

One down, one to go :smiley:

Not the best game for me. Some good scenes though and an embarassing ending. Too bad Drogba had to play with a broken arm. Lucky for Brazil.

Brazil Wins
100% effective

2 - 0


Great game with a bizarre ending.

~two~ hand balls on fabiano’s 2nd goal – did you see the referee laughing and joking with him afterwards? (“was that a hand ball?” “no way, ref”)

but fabiano’s 1st goal was simply awesome