Go the All Blacks

If you watch rugby then you’ll probably know that it’s the Rugby World Cup final here in Auckland tonight and the All Blacks are about to kick some French ass.

I’m pretty excited about it…

What is this rugby of which you speak?

Is it like a spelling bee, only you crochet rugs or something?

Congratulations on ending the 24-year drought! Pretty tense 80 minutes, though. :eek:

BLACK IS BACK - All blacks make the Webb Ellis Cup their own after 24 frustrating years triumphing 8-7 against France.
Congratulations :slight_smile:


Me being a rugby illiterate, I was convinced the All Blacks were the most successful team ever. Guess that shows what image building can do. I had no idea they didn’t win for 24 years.

Huge congratulations to the all blacks, a hard fought (if not slightly dull!) final.
France played really well and the final was exactly what it should have been.

Pretty predictable though, right?

I mean, the All Blacks win in New Zealand, the Springboks win in Sth Africa, the Australians … um … argh! :headbang: