My web page is wider than screen.what is the solution

i have made a web page. every thing was ok except few errors. i have made some corrections and everything is ok now. but i am facing one problem now. my page is wider than screen now. i tried hard but could not figure out what was wrong. all the matter is within screen. but there is a lot of empty space at right side of page.which is not good and make the page heavy to open. i am sending the source file. please help me.

                                                                                                                                  thank you
                                                                                                                              rajinder bali

You really need to make sure no elements have a large fixed width, especially since you are using a lot of margins. Ideally, wrap all elements in a large wrapper that has a set width (unless your content is meant to be full width anyway), and then don’t set widths on the children.

thank you sir. but can you tell me some detail.

Could you, by any chance, post an image of what you’d like the page to look like? If I open your code in my browser, I get a black page with nothing on it, so it’s a bit hard to picture what you want here. You also have a bunch of HTML between the </head> and <body> tags, so you should move that below <body>.


ok i am sending the web page.

i have sent the zip file of my web page. so you can see what is wrong.

In case of fixed width page design, reduce the table width to less than the page width. If you are using a dynamic page design, set the table width to a percentage like <table width=“90%”>

What table width? Not only is he not using tables - he should NOT be using tables (for layout).

The zip file isn’t working for me, it says it needs approval first, so I can only go by the txt file you have in the first post. However, based on what I see there, besides what was said in posts #2 and #4, you also have no doctype, and


looks like it’s supposed to be navigation, but the links are missing. It should also be coded as a list.

Overall, you have one heck of a mess of margins. A jumble of percent, pixels, and em, which is bound to cause problems. Without seeing what you’re aiming for, it’s hard to tell, but I’d expect that there really is no need for all those divisions. Go with #4 and put everything into a wrapper div, and I’d bet most the rest will fall into place.

I’ve approved the attachment, but it hasn’t helped - it’s just the same content that you posted in the original text file. You haven’t fixed the major problem that Ralph pointed out, where you’ve got a load of content before the <body> start tag. Because we don’t have access to the images you’ve used, we have no idea what we should be seeing. If you could give a link to a live page with images and a screenshot or sketch of what you want it to look like, we might be able to help. As it is, I’m just getting a black screen. Your huge negative margins are pulling most of the content way off-screen, and are not a suitable way to lay out a page at all, I’m afraid.

As Stevie implied, without seeing what it is you are actually trying to accomplish, anything we tell you is guessing WILDLY – but… even what you’ve shown so far is riddled with issues.

No doctype == kiss off workign the same across browsers.

Content before the BODY tag. (already mentioned)

Multiple image tags for what are likely NOT content images.

PRE doing a list and CSS’ job.

Massive amount of CSS with bizzare margin declarations when it doesn’t even look like your HTML is done yet.

HTML 3.2 style tags and attributes like “align” that have no business in HTML any time after 1998…

We’d have to see what it is you’re trying to accomplish… but right now you’re WAY off the mark for doing… much of anything.