How to fix the web page in different screen resolutions?

Hi,i am developing online examination application,i hosted it,but when i open in my system web pages are fixed,but in my peer it showing space in right side,actually i don’t know wheather it is resolution problem or monitor monitor have 21 inches,my peer’s have 29 inch,then web page is not fixing into my peer system,waht should i do?even i gave width:100% for page class,but am getting space please tell me how to remove that sapce,i hope it is css problem,but i don;t know how to over come this…

Hi pratyushapratyu. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

We really need to see your site or your code to be able to help. Can you post a link?

One technique you can use is to create 3 divs. The first and last take 15% of the width and the middle one 70%. This way your middle div will always show similar amount of space on each side.

Need to change width to the webpage and will change according to the screen size.

1.You an do this by using body tag.
2.You can adapt it if you use a div # body.
3.To adjust webpage size you can use this CSS code:


With this code the page will take 100% of the window, regardless of its size.
Or you can set the width you want - e.g. 90% or 80%
If you define a smaller width, you can use "margin: auto".