Dreamweaver site does not fit into the monitor

I have created a site - a non profitable one - for the benefit of lawyers and law students in remote areas of Sri Lanka.
Some of the pages are spreading over the frame.
Can anyone help me to overcome this issue?
Thanks in advance.
Felician Fernandopulle

You could fit that table within the allowed area, but it won’t look so good.

table {
  table-layout: fixed;
  width: 100%;

An alternative would be to allow users to scroll right to see the whole table.

Thank you so much for the help.
Could you please tell me how I can do this?

Just paste that code I gave above in your style sheet, which is located here: http://negombolawsociety.com/twoColFixLtHdr.css

I tried this but not working
can you please give me any alternative…

The layout has changed now, and the table is not hanging out. You need to give more information if you want help. Keep us up to date with what you are doing and what you want to see.