My traffic went from 85,000 visitors to 25,000 again

So tired of the constant google algorithm changes. They need to find something that works and stick with it. I’m over it. Eric throws hands up in air

I’m trying to think of how to comment without offending you, but my gut feeling is that this shows Google’s system is working well. It’s checking and double checking things, and balancing results on a number of factors so that things even out to a natural level over time. I know that doesn’t mean much, but it makes sense to me. Again, I mean no offence, but I was a tad sceptical about the numbers you were quoting a while back, as it seemed like an unusually high, sudden jump in numbers.

It was a slow climb over a few months. 30,000, 50,000, 70,000 etc. The web is not fair. Or shouldn’t be. Just like the real world used to reward those that worked harder so did the web. Can you tell I didn’t vote for Obama.

That’s not a natural, organic rise in numbers, though—or at least, doesn’t seem so to me. A lot of SEO techniques seem attractive at first, but are more like a drug hit that makes you feel great for an evening and worse the next day.

If I black hated then yes I would agree. But I did nothing more than tutorials. I guess the only thing I could be penalized for would be linking to a tutorial in a forum answer. But that’s it. It rose fast because I changed domains and layout and pushed out many tuts. What Obama is to the poor is what google is to the 10 page site that hasn’t pushed out a update in 5 years. Evening the playing field. That is what all the algorithm updates are all about. That and spam reduction.

It’s not my place to judge you, but I will admit that some of the SEO practices I’ve seen you recommend (here and on your site) have left me a little worried about how Google will deal with you. A lot of the backlinking techniques look bound to fail to me. Are you really saying you did none of those things for your own site?

I have to agree with @ralph_m. I’ve never suffered these “updates” because any SEO work I’ve managed has been done with a large dose of logic and thinking about why I should be doing this, and whether any link building was of any value to people other than myself and my users.

Maybe there were other things that compromised your site rankings…