My subdomain to server

i have a domain already hosted on godaddy , can point a subdomain of my domain to another hosting if yes how thank you

Sure, just point to the appropriate IP address.

yes thanks only problem the webhosting in which i wanna point the subdomain is ask me to point dns as well
000 it is free
so that where it a bit difficult because when we change my home domain don.t show up

Yeah, that could be a problem. Tell them you can’t do that and you’ll need the IP address of the server. If they can’t handle it find another host who can.

As Wyatt pointed out, it’s a DNS configuration problem.

If you’re keeping your domain at GoDaddy (not advised - they are a registrar and reportedly do a poor job as a host), use their control panel to access and edit the DNS records for your domain. There, add the subdomain (if it’s not already there) and point to the IP ADDRESS which your free host should provide to you (during sign-up).

There was recently a similar problem and someone else gave excellent advice: ‘Domain hosting is so inexpensive these days that you should find a good host and use them rather than a poor host (like GoDaddy) or a free host (like you want to use for your subdomain).’ I echo those paraphrased sentiments here, too.



well thank wich others vendors do you think would be better
1and1 impressed me they never sold the domain i am not paying for 5 years my old site is still alive are they good
is ipage good as well?


I’m using modVPS as a host for a VPS and WebHostingBuzz for a shared server but also believe that Site5 has restored itself to deserve being considered.

Whenever I search for a host, I first write down my requirements, i.e., Server location (US servers offer the most capability at the best prices), Apache on a Linux server, PHP 5+, storage and bandwidths required, .htaccess with mod_rewrite, database(s), etc. Then I can search and get rid of many hosts. The ones on my “shortlist” are then searched for and notice taken of negative comments (which are evaluated on the basis of the complainer’s apparent knowledge/experience before the host problem is considered). I’ll also visit the hosts’ websites and gather more information for a spreadsheet and make a final decision based on all the information gathered. It takes a few days but it’s well worth it as I tend to stay with a host until a serious problem crops up.