Domain name under different account than hosting

I’ve tried to do some research on pointing a domain name to hosting that’s on two separate accounts, but either I haven’t found the right article. Or I’m missing some steps somewhere.

Both accounts are thru Go Daddy. One is the client’s which they have bought a dozen domains on relating to their business, which all forward to the primary one I want to link to the hosting on my own account. The second account is my own (where I host my personal website and domain names) & I purchased a separate hosting plan for the client since they do not want the hosting under their own account.

There’s stuff on the web & godaddy that states I just need to change the “Nameservers” on their purchased domain to the nameservers on my domain name attached to the hosting. However, these happen to be the exact same (since they are both hosted by godaddy). It’s just some generic

So what else do I need to do to get their domain to identify with my hosting?

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Find out from Godaddy support what nameservers to use on the domain. I don’t think they will be the same, from what I remember. I’ve had to do something similar in the past with Godaddy and I’m sure I had to get the nameservers to use from support

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Ok, I’ll reach out to them.
Is that all I’m going to need to change on the clients domain backend for it to work or do I need to do anything with the DNS host IP address etc.?

AFAIK you don’t need to anything else. Just change the domain nameservers.

When you purchase hosting, they should email you with the relevant info, such as the name servers you need to point your domain to.

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