Pointing a domain to hosting

I buy a website domain from godadddy and hosting from host preneur. Now someone said i need to point my domain to my website hosting. Please tell me what to do?
What is pointing domain? and How to do that?
I did not find proper consulting forums on internet with proper guidance. Advice please fast.

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I’m surprised you couldn’t find any information on the Internet. There seem to be a number of articles on the subject. This one deals specifically with a domain from GoDaddy:


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Yes, there’s lot of information on Internet about pointing your domain to your host. Well here’s a video tutorial that will help you solve your query - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x7wzukpk3k

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@AH - Too True!

Every time I’ve changed hosts or opened a new account, the instructions with that account have included the IP address (and name?) of the name servers they use. That information must be given to your registrar (GoDaddy) so they can redirect requests for your website to your host whose name servers then forward to your webspace.

@TB’s link should help the OP (because it’s GoDaddy specific) but the welcome e-mail from the host ALWAYS includes the information needed.

Kudos to M_C for NOT putting all his eggs in the GoDaddy basket as GoDaddy is known as a good registrar but a horrid host. When registrar and host are the same, webmasters have too many problems when trying to move one or the other when problems arise. My advice: NEVER use your registrar as your host / your host as your registrar as it only begs for problems.




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