My site looks fine! firefox

As the title says I’ve finished whipping up a simple layout(epic fail color scheme) for a final project. As seen here:

However, while it looks perfectly fine in firefox/chrome, I realized I have to present it on the main computer which only has IE on it, so I decided to prepare, and boy is it awful.

Unsure of why my sidebar won’t stay to the right, and why my links are so close to the top, and even more importantly, why the entire website isn’t centered as it is in FF.

I modified the code to allow for a seperate stylesheet when it’s being viewed in IE, so now it’s just to modifying that stylesheet, as a beginner to styling, any ideas?

You didn’t put a DTD on top of your markup. That makes IE render in quirks mode.

By the look of it, you should put this one:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"

Why? Because you use <center>, an element that’s been deprecated. You should learn to use CSS to achieve that look w/o <center> and the use this DTD:


You should also stick to one way: HTML or XHTML. For void elements, you use self closing tags: <hr />, that means XHTML. If you use HTML, according to the DTDs I suggested for you, it should be <hr>.

Thank you for the great response time noonnope, The doctype did work for the short term, though I understand the long term I have to figure out what I’m doing on the design end of things.

You’re welcome and good luck to you :slight_smile: I’m sure that after a few more steps you’ll be better at it!