Page not looking right in IE

I have been trying to get this page to look ok in both FF & IE. It is validated but in IE the right sidebar sits way down the page but in FF it looks fine. I played around with the </div> tag around where the sidebar is but it either works i one browser but not the other.


Have you fixed this now as they look much the same to me?

If not then clarify in what version the problem is and I’ll take a look.

hi, no I have not changed anything. It is looking bad in Internet Explorer 7. I have not tried IE 8 as I have not installed it yet.


I’m not being awkward but I can see no difference in the page between IE7 and Firefox apart from the usual browser differences.

You’ll have to be more specific and direct me to the exact elements that you are having problem with because I am never going to spot a few pixel differences in a site I’ve never seen before.

The only difference I could see was a bigger gap in the right column Archived entry under tags where you have left an empty list element that is taking up space in IE.

<li><strong>Tags :</strong></li>

Other than that I’m lost at what differences you are seeing. It may be obvious to you because you are familiar with it but I can’t see it :slight_smile: