I want css for better view/design?

Hi all,
I don’t know much css.
I want to add that in my site for specific browser…

See this site once in IE and Mozilla, give me the suggestions on this css…

Hi, this is a bit of a vague question. Is there a specific issue that concerns you? Or are you really looking for a site review?

Looks like a mostly table based layout. You want to style the site completely with css rather than tables?

Thanking you for reply me…
review once, and where you find the problem?
can tell me to add the code to rectify it urgently…

venkat6134, can you try and explain what it is you actually want? It’s difficult to understand what you’re trying to say. What is the problem?

Looks the same in Firefox and IE8 to me.

IN mozilla, the table for <td> i added background color, and text color is white.
But it is not displaying proprely…
But in IE it is showing in the index page only…
and some alignment are not set.
I gave align=“justify”, but Mozilla is aligns but gives some blanks, but not in IE.

give me some solution to rectify it…

Thanking you…

Do you mean Firefox? Also, WHICH <td> are you talking about? There are hundreds. :frowning:

There is no hope for this one.
Inline styles, a html table based layout, and a jumble of code.

This makes me want to cry. :sick:

Best to start over with a new design.

As I mentioned in your other thread you need a valid doctype to bring IE into this century.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd">

Without a doctype IE used the broken box model and any many other bad things and you lose any enhancements of the modern browser (hover on elements other than anchors etc).

Therefeore you must start with a full doctype.

However as mentioned by others above the rest of the page looks like something from 1990 and really needs a re-design and removal of all the font tags and tables. I would consider restarting from scratch as sometimes the patient just can’t be saved because there is just to much damage :slight_smile: