Create Social Networking site for my school

I just want to create a social networking site, one where it is different than Twitter or Facebook. I just want to create one for my school, to help us connect more differently.

You can try to look at phpfox its a social media script

Make a list of the functionalities you need, and compare this list to the features of social networking software packages like boonex, phpfox or Dzoic

There is group option. You can use that to create new group of your school.

jomsocial for joomla also offers good functionality and its very easy to setup and use

For something as small as a school, I would actually recommend either setting up a forum or something like BuddyPress. Both are pretty easy to set up and have a lot of built-in social media features.

i think create a group for school join is the best way.

Hi there, you can try , there you can share also your thoughts, photos, and even customize your themes.:slight_smile:

I agree that the first thing you should do is to make a list of requirements and specifications for your school’s social network. How everything will be like will depend on those specifications. Once you’ve built that requirements list, care to share it to us so that we can visualize what kind of social network you’re trying to build? Well, you did mention that it’s going to be different from Facebook or Twitter, so I wondered how you actually see it.

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