Multiple domains pointing to one site. Good or bad and how to do it?


I’ve been reading quite a bit of conflicting info about redirecting a number of key word rich domain names to a single site and the positive effects this can have on search engine placement. Some people say to steer well clear of this due to the chance of getting black listed and others say that as long as this is done with a 301 redirect and the amount of domains is kept relatively small then it’s fine and actually has quite a lot of benefits. Can someone clear this up for me please? Is this a good idea or not?

If it is a good idea, should the domains point to the home page of the content site or should they point to relevant internal pages? ie If I have selling household appliances and the domains and should I redirect both these domains to the home page or to the Microwave page and to the Dishwasher page?

Also, do these extra domains need to be actively marketed in some way in order to have any effect or is it just a matter of leaving them there and letting them do their thing?

Thanks for your help.

If those domains simply redirect to another site (or a page/section within), then they serve no beneficial purpose at all, UNLESS those domains have back-links, in which case the value of those back-links will be passed through to the pages they are redirected to.

Thanks again. That’s generally what I would have believed but then I read this:

Interesting observation by Mr Hewitt. This type of testing has been done in the past and has normally resulted in null benefit, or the tracking was misinterpreted to be as a result of typed in traffic that was being redirected but misrepresented by analytics.

Feel free to test this yourself and see if it benefits you. I’d argue that the ROI on that effort is less than other activities.

Remember, we have to take his word that those old domains didn’t have any back-links or other associated equity that was finding it’s way through.

OK then, point taken. Think I’ll “redirect” my efforts elsewhere then. Thanks.

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waste of domains if you have a lots of those to redirects… and waste of time… i think one or two is enough… I’d rather put those keywords on my site/page then optimize it. .