Multiple Circle Animation Draw

I am trying to create an animation with jQuery and CSS3 but not really successful.

Here is the scenario
I want first 2 circles one inside the other so the small circle is animated drawn first then the larger outside circle is drawn.

Once that is done I want to place small circles over the smaller and bigger circle (like points)

Now without animation I am able to do all this. But the animation drawing does not work.

I took help of this to create and place multiple circles - Items on Circle

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Where’s your code for this?

You linked to the article but not your attempt so we have nothing to debug:)

If you can show us what you’ve tried then we can have a starting point to help.

Here’s my attempt at a CSS only version:

it may be of some use (or may not but was fun anyway :slight_smile: )


Wow this is amazing. Much more than what I had thought of. I will use that as a starting point, Thanks once again!!!

Just for the benefit of all looking at different animation options > I found this great library that can be used

You can add this to any div and get multiple animation options

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