How to use animation feature in CSS3?

Hi everyone, I’m newbie in CSS3 and really facinated by its animation features.

I would like to achieve the animation effect in this page:, can anyone tell me know to do that?

Really thank you guys.

Have you look at the code behind it?

There are lots of animation effects on that page and all are either JS css3 or both. The main slider is a js slider of the kind you usually find on codecanyon (at a price).

Other effects are triggered on scroll which would need js and css3. It would take too long to detail all the code needed for these effects and as Molona said above you should get a web inspector and study the code if you are interested in a specific effect. Then try it out and if you get stuck then come back and ask for more help.

However, you would be better of just learning some css3 animation properties and build things for yourself. There are many tutorials around and once you’ve got the basics its easier to pull apart techniques that you see elsewhere.

I’m confused why he would need to learn Javascript and, following that logic, use Javascript for animations, based off your reasoning

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