Multilingual website... one or multiple domains?


I’ve got a project that is French and English. Is it better to keep every languages under one domain or to have two different domains that point to each other?


One domain is enough. Use the language that you believe majority of your target visitors will understand. Then just include a link in your homepage that will direct to the French version.

For example: in, use the English as your primary language. Create a subpage for the French version of your content.

I would recommend you to go for a single domain because this way your website traffic would be increased. Your keyword would rank better and overall you will have English as well as French people visiting your website. If you need help in creating a multilingual website, here is a link for you:

How to Create a Multilingual Website |

So, with each language, creating a different folder. Or every language using the same URLs, just different language session value to get different content? Which one is better?

I would recommend using different language sessions. URLS should be kept same. It helps to improve the traffic. This way, both French and English visitors would be visiting the same URL and they can use their sessions value according to their language.

If you would notice, many good reputable sites are multilingual. Their URLs remain same but you can open them into many other languages. This is very important always.

Single Domain is good worthy and if you developed the website using cms means you can get plugins for languages it you have static website means you just add a link to french version.

Google ranks pages, so I doubt that it would matter too much. As always, do what you feel is most logical for your users.

There is no problem for this you may use one domain for both versions.For SEO purpose this is not bad.

A single domain with an option to change the language would be a better choice than going for a separate domain.

I believe that better SEO requires seperate domains or at least subdomains /folders .
The real question is: Are you planning to target different audience in the same country or abroad (and thats why you are using multiple languages)
For different audience in different countries you need seperate domain with the country ccTLD extension, hosting within that country… It is possible to manage without it but I would recommend it as the best practice

I would recommend going for single domain name and creating subdomains for all major languagues your website will be supporting

You can choose to have 2 domains or one domain. If two domains, you can target for 2 different location’s user. the 1st domain remain the same and the 2nd domain use France domain .fr This will help to get better SEO for user from France user. You can link each other if use 2 domain.
If use one domain, then you need to think about the structure on how it’s work. For the standard CMS, it will automatic handle for you. Hope this help.