Same website on two different domains

Have a situation which am trying to work out the best way to deal with…

Have a multilingual website for the last 4 years with good SEO rankings.
The website is a .jp domain. Uses sub directories for the 2nd language (English).
First language is Japanese… .jpsite

Unfortunately at the time of buying that domain was not able to buy the same name and .com address.

So I realize now non .com domains rank poorly in English searches.

Therefore the solution I am thinking of is as follows:
Have a totally different domain name registered as a .com
So Am thinking of

  1. using the English link on the other site to be directed directly to this domain. Then the first site will no longer have a sub directory Eng.
  2. Using the .com site as a blog in English and links to the .jp site.

Dont want to have another site with different content as it just will be too much work and dont like the idea of one company having two different sites selling the same products.

Or last option is to doa redirect of the first .jp domain to the .com domain and start running that as the main site…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


If you are already getting some good traffic from Japan, I would keep the first site as you have it now. Then I would choose option #2 and have a blog in English with links to the Japanese site.

Yes 2nd option is better for me also. Because you will get current traffic as well as traffic from .com site as well.

I definitely agree with the second option. Unless you do some research and find out the the ladder is actually worth doing…I would stick to option 2. Good luck!

Its not a good idea to re-direct any page to other site. Use it only in extreme situations. It has a bad effect on both google crawler and also on your users. Its better to go with the second option.

Agree - I would also use wordpress (self hosted) as the blog platform.

very nice questions.same website but different domains.these website is known as Mirror website.According to google point of view,google count these website copy website.