Multi-User Site E-Commerce

Well, let me start off by saying this is the first time I have posted in a forum, ever, So I apologize in advance if I sound like an idiot. I am very “wet behind the ears” so to speak as a developer and I am learning a lot as go.

I have a client who is looking for a site that would allow multiple users to register and have their own page within the site and the goal is for those pages to be e-commerce pages where they will be selling some e-books to their own customers. The e-books are the same for all of the users but the client wants to track who the sales are coming from somehow. I’ve only implemented e-commerce as part of projects in the past and never in a manner where there would be multiple “sites”-within-a-site, so I’m not sure how this would be accomplished.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, or at least clarify for me how possible/impossible this would be, I would greatly appreciate it! I am looking into different e-commerce/shopping cart solutions for this, but honestly I’m not positive what I’m looking for. :frowning: