Multi Language site

Hi Chaps, i don’t know if this would be the best forum, but ill give it a shot :slight_smile:

I do alot of multi language sites, mostly the default page is in english, then i have links to change the language.

Ive noticed that the search engine results are effective in english (using english IP/google english extension etc), however when i search for example in italian (again, using Italian ip and, the results are very disappointing, even though the majority of the traffic (according to analytics) comes from italy.

If there some specific meta system or similar that i can use to flag up the different language urls. Similarly, when i initially submit the site to be index by google, are there Multilanguage options that i could utilise there?

Many thanks in advance


First you can submit it to index the eg: Italy searh engine & then you can promote your site using Italy keywords with using relevant content for your service or products as same like as the normal off page promotion currently i know this solutions only, If you interested try this not enough just reply again i will think as myself to try any other ideas. take care barney.

Designing a multilingual web site would possibly initially appear overwhelming. There are several firms providing web site translation services. These consultants translate web site data in such the way that it attracts and retains each client speaking the various foreign languages. Websites become searchable by major search engines likewise as by potential customers in their own most popular language.



You say you have “links to change the language”. Are these links to static HTML pages containing a translated version of the text? Or are you using some sort of automated on-the-fly language translation system, such as Google Translate.

Assuming they are ordinary static links, are you sure the search engines can follow the links? Or could it be that they have a NOFOLLOW attribute, or that the translated pages are excluded via robots.txt or some other means?

Also, are the non-English pages properly keyword-optimised? Did you translate them yourself, or did you use a translator who perhaps doesn’t understand SEO issues? Sometimes, just choosing an inappropriate translation for a particular word or phrase can have a big impact on the page’s SEO.